for RNA-Seq Analysis
CLRNASeq™ is a standalone application developed for the secondary analysis of microbial transcript expression analysis results. It uses clt data files generated by ChunLab's proprietary RNA-Seq pipeline. The built-in genome browser can be used to view expression levels, expression patterns, and many more statistics. The simple and intuitive interface aids researchers without bioinformatics expertise to perform secondary analyses with ease, and create publication-caliber visuals.
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CLRNASeq™ features

  • Visualize mRNA-microbial genome mapping
  • Inter-sample comparison of differentially expressed genes (DEG)
  • Rapid searches for gene groups with similar expression patterns by hierarchical clustering, SOM clustering, and K-Means algorithm
  • Support for pathway & enrichment analysis: KEGG, eggNOG, Gene Ontology
  • Statistics: RPKM table, total reads, mRNA reads, rRNA reads, unmapped reads, and more
  • Publication-caliber figure creator

CLRNASeq™ installation

  • Create an account at
  • Download CLRNASeq™
  • Click "Get license key" to generate a license key (You must be logged in to view the license key)
  • Enter the license key when running the software for the first time
For more detailed information about this software, please refer to our manual.
If your data is not suitable with our software, we provide an example data set below.