for Microbial Community Analysis
CLcommunity™ is a standalone application developed to analyze various microbial populations present in environmental samples. This software uses ChunLab's proprietary analysis pipeline (generating clc data files), provides a simple interface that allows researchers without bioinformatics expertise to easily perform complex analyses, and creates publication-caliber figures suited to various users' research needs.
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CLcommunity™ features

  • Comprehensive bioinformatic analyses: species-level classification of microbes, cluster analyses, and microbial origin tracking
  • Alpha diversity: rarefaction curve and various indicators of species diversity
  • Beta diversity: fast unifrac analysis of inter-sample diversity, hierarchical clustering, and analysis of correlation with environmental factors
  • Publication-caliber figure creator
  • Ability to export results and raw data to Excel, Word, FASTA, etc

CLcommunity™ instructions

  • Create an account at
  • Download CLcommunity™
  • Click "Get license key" to generate a license key(You must be logged in to view the license key)
  • Enter the license key when running the software for the first time
For more detailed information about this software, please refer to the manual, which is available for download.
If you do not have suitable data, we also provide an example data set below.