for Whole Genomic Analysis
CLgenomics™ is a standalone application developed to analyze microbial genomes that uses clg data files generated using ChunLab's proprietary analysis pipeline. The program's built-in genome browser can be used to explore all genes in a genome and their respective functions. The simple and intuitive interface aids researchers without bioinformatics expertise to conveniently identify genes, discover genomic properties, and create publication-caliber visuals.
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CLgenomics™ features

  • Comprehensive bioinformatic analyses: functional annotation, gene search, BLAST search, and COG distribution
  • Statistics: coverage, GC ratio, genome size, contig(N50), scaffold, CDS, and more
  • Publication-caliber figure creator
  • Ability to export results and raw data to Excel, Word, FASTA, etc

CLgenomics™ instructions

  • Create an account at
  • Download CLgenomics™
  • Click "Get license key" to generate a license key (You must be logged in to view the license key)
  • Enter the license key when running the software for the first time
For more detailed information about this software, please refer to the manual.