This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Aliidiomarina Huang et al. 2012
Aliidiomarina celeris Wang et al. 2019
Aliidiomarina haloalkalitolerans Srinivas et al. 2015
Aliidiomarina iranensis Amoozegar et al. 2016
Aliidiomarina maris (Zhang et al. 2012) Chiu et al. 2014
Aliidiomarina minuta Farooqui et al. 2016
Aliidiomarina sanyensis Wang et al. 2017
Aliidiomarina sedimenti Shahinpei et al. 2017
Aliidiomarina shirensis Chiu et al. 2014
Aliidiomarina soli Xu et al. 2017
Aliidiomarina taiwanensis Huang et al. 2012
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    16S rRNA