This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Francisellaceae Sjöstedt 2005
Allofrancisella Qu et al. 2016
Allofrancisella guangzhouensis (Qu et al. 2013) Qu et al. 2016
Allofrancisella inopinata Qu et al. 2016
Francisella Dorofe'ev 1947
Francisella adeliensis Vallesi et al. 2019
Francisella asiatica Mikalsen and Colquhoun 2009
Francisella frigiditurris Challacombe et al. 2017
Francisella halioticida Brevik et al. 2012
Francisella hispaniensis Huber et al. 2010
Francisella noatunensis (Mikalsen et al. 2007) Ottem et al. 2009
Francisella opportunistica Dietrich et al. 2020
Francisella orientalis (Ottem et al. 2009) Ramirez-Paredes et al. 2020
Francisella persica (Suitor and Weiss 1961) Larson et al. 2016
Francisella philomiragia (Jensen et al. 1969) Hollis et al. 1990
Francisella salimarina Li et al. 2020
Francisella tularensis (McCoy and Chapin 1912) Dorofeev 1947
Francisella uliginis Challacombe et al. 2017
Pseudofrancisella Zheng et al. 2019
Pseudofrancisella aestuarii Zheng et al. 2019
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