This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Hahellaceae Garrity et al. 2005
Allohahella Han et al. 2016
Allohahella marinimesophila Han et al. 2016
Endonucleobacter Zielinski et al. 2009
Endonucleobacter bathymodioli Zielinski et al. 2009
Hahella Lee et al. 2001
Allohahella antarctica (Lee et al. 2008) Han et al. 2016
Hahella chejuensis Lee et al. 2001
Hahella ganghwensis Baik et al. 2005
Sansalvadorimonas Goldberg et al. 2018
Sansalvadorimonas verongulae Goldberg et al. 2018
Zooshikella Yi et al. 2003
Zooshikella ganghwensis Yi et al. 2003
Zooshikella marina Ramaprasad et al. 2015
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    16S rRNA