This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Marinobacter Gauthier et al. 1992
Marinobacter adhaerens Kaeppel et al. 2012
Marinobacter algicola Green et al. 2006
Marinobacter antarcticus Liu et al. 2012
Marinobacter aquaticus León et al. 2017
Marinobacter bohaiensis Xu et al. 2018
Marinobacter bryozoorum Romanenko et al. 2005
Marinobacter confluentis Park et al. 2015
Marinobacter daepoensis Yoon et al. 2004
Marinobacter daqiaonensis Qu et al. 2011
Marinobacter excellens Gorshkova et al. 2003
Marinobacter flavimaris Yoon et al. 2004
Marinobacter fonticola Sun et al. 2999
Marinobacter fuscus Liu et al. 2018
Marinobacter goseongensis Roh et al. 2008
Marinobacter gudaonensis Gu et al. 2007
Marinobacter guineae Montes et al. 2008
Marinobacter halophilus Zhong et al. 2015
Marinobacter halotolerans Kim et al. 2017
Marinobacter hydrocarbonoclasticus Gauthier et al. 1992
Marinobacter koreensis Kim et al. 2006
Marinobacter lacisalsi Aguilera et al. 2009
Marinobacter lipolyticus Martín et al. 2003
Marinobacter litoralis Yoon et al. 2003
Marinobacter lutaoensis Shieh et al. 2003
Marinobacter maritimus Shivaji et al. 2005
Marinobacter maroccanus Boujida et al. 2019
Marinobacter mobilis Huo et al. 2008
Marinobacter nanhaiticus Gao et al. 2012
Marinobacter nitratireducens Vaidya et al. 2015
Marinobacter oulmenensis Kharroub et al. 2011
Marinobacter pelagius Xu et al. 2008
Marinobacter persicus Bagheri et al. 2013
Marinobacter piscensis Hedi et al. 2014
Marinobacter profundi Cao et al. 2019
Marinobacter psychrophilus Zhang et al. 2008
Marinobacter salarius Ng et al. 2015
Marinobacter salexigens Han et al. 2017
Marinobacter salicampi Yoon et al. 2007
Marinobacter salinus Rani et al. 2017
Marinobacter salsuginis Antunes et al. 2007
Marinobacter santoriniensis Handley et al. 2009
Marinobacter sediminum Romanenko et al. 2005
Marinobacter segnicrescens Guo et al. 2007
Marinobacter shengliensis Luo et al. 2015
Marinobacter similis Ng et al. 2015
Marinobacter subterrani Bonis and Gralnick 2015
Marinobacter szutsaonensis Wang et al. 2009
Marinobacter vinifirmus Liebgott et al. 2006
Marinobacter vulgaris Zhang et al. 2999
Marinobacter xestospongiae Lee et al. 2012
Marinobacter zhanjiangensis Zhuang et al. 2012
Marinobacter zhejiangensis Huo et al. 2008
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