This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Methylococcales Bowman 2005
Methylococcaceae Whittenbury and Krieg 1984
Methylocaldum Bodrossy et al. 1998
Methylococcus Foster and Davis 1966
Methylogaea Geymonat et al. 2011
Methylomagnum Khalifa et al. 2015
Methyloparacoccus Hoefman et al. 2014
Methyloterricola Frindte et al. 2017
Methylotetracoccus Ghashghavi et al. 2019
Crenothrix Cohn 1870
Methylobacter Bowman et al. 1993
Methylocucumis Pandit and Rahalkar 2019
Methyloglobulus Deutzmann et al. 2015
Methylomarinum Hirayama et al. 2013
Methylomicrobium Bowman et al. 1995
Methylomonas Whittenbury and Krieg 1984
Methyloprofundus Tavormina et al. 2015
Methylosarcina Wise et al. 2001
Methylosoma Rahalkar et al. 2007
Methylosphaera Bowman et al. 1998
Methylotuvimicrobium Orata et al. 2019
Methylovulum Iguchi et al. 2011
Cycloclasticus Dyksterhouse et al. 1995
Methylophaga Janvier et al. 1985
Methylothermaceae (Hirayama et al. 2014) Tindall 2019
Methylohalobius Heyer et al. 2005
Methylomarinovum Hirayama et al. 2014
Methylothermus Tindall 2019
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