This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Photobacterium Beijerinck 1889
Photobacterium aestuarii Lo et al. 2014
Photobacterium andalusiense Labella et al. 2019
Photobacterium angustum Reichelt et al. 1979
Photobacterium aphoticum Lucena et al. 2011
Photobacterium aplysiae Seo et al. 2005
Photobacterium aquae Liu et al. 2014
Photobacterium aquimaris Yoshizawa et al. 2009
Photobacterium atrarenae Kim et al. 2011
Photobacterium carnosum Hilgarth et al. 2018
Photobacterium damselae (Love et al. 1982) Smith et al. 1991
Photobacterium damselae subsp. damselae (Love et al. 1982) Smith et al. 1991
Photobacterium damselae subsp. piscicida (ex Janssen and Surgalla 1968) Gauthier et al. 1995
Photobacterium gaetbulicola Kim et al. 2010
Photobacterium galatheae Machado et al. 2015
Photobacterium ganghwense Park et al. 2006
Photobacterium halotolerans Rivas et al. 2006
Photobacterium iliopiscarium (Onarheim et al. 1995) Urakawa et al. 1999
Photobacterium indicum (Johnson and Weisrock 1969) Ivanova et al. 2004
Photobacterium jeanii Chimetto et al. 2010
Photobacterium kishitanii Ast et al. 2007
Photobacterium leiognathi Boisvert et al. 1967
Photobacterium lipolyticum Yoon et al. 2005
Photobacterium lutimaris Jung et al. 2007
Photobacterium malacitanum Labella et al. 2019
Photobacterium marinum Srinivas et al. 2013
Photobacterium panuliri Deep et al. 2015
Photobacterium phosphoreum (Cohn 1878) Beijerinck 1889
Photobacterium piscicola Figge et al. 2015
Photobacterium profundum Nogi et al. 1998
Photobacterium rosenbergii Thompson et al. 2005
Photobacterium salinisoli Li et al. 2019
Photobacterium sanctipauli Moreira et al. 2015
Photobacterium sanguinicancri Gomez-Gil et al. 2016
Photobacterium swingsii Gomez-Gil et al. 2011
Photobacterium toruni Labella et al. 2017
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