This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Providencia Ewing 1962
Moellerella wisconsensis Hickman-Brenner et al. 1984
Providencia alcalifaciens (de Salles Gomes 1944) Ewing 1962
Providencia burhodogranariea Juneja and Lazzaro 2009
Providencia heimbachae Müller et al. 1986
Providencia huaxiensis Hu et al. 2999
Providencia rettgeri (Hadley et al. 1918) Brenner et al. 1978
Providencia rustigianii Hickman-Brenner et al. 1983
Providencia sneebia Juneja and Lazzaro 2009
Providencia stuartii (Buttiaux et al. 1954) Ewing 1962
Providencia thailandensis Khunthongpan et al. 2014
Providencia vermicola Somvanshi et al. 2006
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