This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Roseomonas Rihs et al. 1998
Roseomonas aceris Tonouchi and Tazawa 2014
Roseomonas aeriglobus Lee and Jeon 2018
Roseomonas aerilata Yoo et al. 2008
Roseomonas aerofrigidensis Hyeon and Jeon 2017
Roseomonas aerophila Kim et al. 2013
Roseomonas aestuarii Venkata Ramana et al. 2010
Roseomonas alkaliterrae Dong et al. 2014
Roseomonas aquatica Gallego et al. 2006
Roseomonas arctica Qiu et al. 2016
Roseomonas arcticisoli Kim et al. 2016
Roseomonas cervicalis Rihs et al. 1998
Roseomonas deserti Subhash and Lee 2018
Roseomonas eburnea Wang et al. 2016
Roseomonas elaeocarpi Damtab et al. 2016
Roseomonas fluminis Ko et al. 2018
Roseomonas frigidaquae Kim et al. 2009
Roseomonas gilardii Rihs et al. 1998
Roseomonas globiformis Fang et al. 2018
Roseomonas hibiscisoli Yan et al. 2017
Roseomonas lacus Jiang et al. 2006
Roseomonas ludipueritiae (Kämpfer et al. 2003) Sánchez-Porro et al. 2009
Roseomonas mucosa Han et al. 2003
Roseomonas musae Nutaratat et al. 2017
Roseomonas nepalensis Chaudhary and Kim 2017
Roseomonas oryzae Ramaprasad et al. 2015
Roseomonas oryzicola Chung et al. 2015
Roseomonas pecuniae Lopes et al. 2011
Roseomonas radiodurans Kim et al. 2018
Roseomonas rhizosphaerae Chen et al. 2014
Roseomonas riguiloci Baik et al. 2012
Roseomonas rosea (Kämpfer et al. 2003) Sánchez-Porro et al. 2009
Roseomonas rubra Subhash et al. 2016
Roseomonas sediminicola He et al. 2019
Roseomonas soli Kim and Ka 2014
Roseomonas stagni Furuhata et al. 2008
Roseomonas suffusca Subhash and Lee 2017
Roseomonas terrae Yoon et al. 2007
Roseomonas terricola Kim et al. 2017
Roseomonas tokyonensis Furuhata et al. 2014
Roseomonas vastitatis Zhao et al. 2999
Roseomonas vinacea Zhang et al. 2008
Roseomonas wenyumeiae Tian et al. 2019
Roseomonas wooponensis Lee et al. 2015
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