Welcome to EzEditor, a sequence alignment editor for rRNA and protein coding genes.


This version of EzEditor is outdated and no longer supported. Please refer to EzEditor2 for the latest version.


EzEditor is a Java-based sequence alignment editor which enables the manipulation of both DNA and protein sequences for phylogenetic analysis. EzEditor has several features optimized to match initial computer-assisted alignments and subsequent phylogenetic analysis by enabling manual editing with references to biological information specific to the genes under consideration. It also provides various functions for editing rRNA alignment using secondary structure information and simultaneous editing for both DNA and their translated protein sequences and protein-coding genes.

Citing this software

Jeon, Y. S., Lee, K., Park, S. C., Kim, B. S., Cho, Y. J., Ha, S. M. & Chun, J. (2014). EzEditor: a versatile sequence alignment editor for both rRNA- and protein-coding genes. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 64, 689-691. [Full Text]