This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Halieaceae Spring et al. 2015
Chromatocurvus Csotonyi et al. 2012
Chromatocurvus halotolerans Csotonyi et al. 2012
Congregibacter Spring et al. 2009
Congregibacter litoralis Spring et al. 2009
Haliea Urios et al. 2008
Haliea atlantica Lin et al. 2015
Haliea salexigens Urios et al. 2008
Halioglobus Park et al. 2012
Halioglobus japonicus Park et al. 2012
Halioglobus lutimaris Shi et al. 2018
Halioglobus pacificus Park et al. 2012
Halioglobus sediminis Han et al. 2019
Kineobactrum Chang et al. 2999
Kineobactrum sediminis Chang et al. 2999
Luminiphilus Spring et al. 2013
Luminiphilus syltensis Spring et al. 2013
Marimicrobium Konkit et al. 2016
Marimicrobium arenosum Konkit et al. 2016
Parahaliea Lin et al. 2015
Parahaliea aestuarii Jung et al. 2017
Parahaliea mediterranea (Lucena et al. 2010) Lin et al. 2015
Pseudohaliea Spring et al. 2013
Pseudohaliea rubra (Urios et al. 2009) Spring et al. 2013
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