This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Oscillospiraceae Peshkoff 1940
Acetanaerobacterium Chen and Dong 2004
Acetanaerobacterium elongatum Chen and Dong 2004
Acetivibrio Patel et al. 1980
Acetivibrio aldrichii (Yang et al. 1990) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio alkalicellulosi (Zhilina et al. 2006) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio cellulolyticus Patel et al. 1980
Acetivibrio clariflavus (Shiratori et al. 2009) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio mesophilus (Rettenmaier et al. 2019) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio saccincola (Koeck et al. 2016) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio straminisolvens (Kato et al. 2004) Tindall 2019
Acetivibrio thermocellus (Viljoen et al. 1926) Tindall 2019
Acutalibacter Lagkouvardos et al. 2016
Acutalibacter muris Lagkouvardos et al. 2016
Agathobaculum Ahn et al. 2016
Agathobaculum desmolans (Morris et al. 1986) Ahn et al. 2016
Butyricicoccus faecihominis Takada et al. 2016
Anaerobacterium Horino et al. 2014
Anaerobacterium chartisolvens Horino et al. 2014
Anaerofilum Zellner et al. 1996
Anaerofilum agile Zellner et al. 1996
Anaerofilum pentosovorans Zellner et al. 1996
Anaeromassilibacillus Guilhot et al. 2017
Anaerotruncus Lawson et al. 2004
Anaerotruncus colihominis Lawson et al. 2004
Anaerotruncus massiliensis Togo et al. 2019
Anaerotruncus rubiinfantis Pham et al. 2017
Angelakisella Mailhe et al. 2017
Angelakisella massiliensis Mailhe et al. 2017
Bittarella Durand et al. 2017
Bittarella massiliensis Durand et al. 2017
Butyricicoccus Eeckhaut et al. 2008
Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum Eeckhaut et al. 2008
Caproiciproducens Kim et al. 2015
Clostridium jeddahense Lagier et al. 2016
Clostridium leptum Moore et al. 1976
Clostridium merdae Ndongo et al. 2017
Clostridium minihomine Bilen et al. 2018
Clostridium sporosphaeroides Soriano and Soriano 1948
Cellulosibacter Watthanalamloet et al. 2012
Cellulosibacter alkalithermophilus Watthanalamloet et al. 2012
Colidextribacter Ricaboni et al. 2017
Colidextribacter massiliensis Ricaboni et al. 2017
Dysosmobacter Le Roy et al. 2999
Dysosmobacter welbionis Le Roy et al. 2999
Ercella van Gelder et al. 2014
Ercella succinigenes van Gelder et al. 2014
Ethanoligenens Xing et al. 2006
Clostridium cellulosi He et al. 1991
Ethanoligenens harbinense Xing et al. 2006
Eubacterium coprostanoligenes Freier et al. 1994
Eubacterium siraeum Moore et al. 1976
Faecalibacterium Duncan et al. 2002
Faecalibacterium prausnitzii (Hauduroy et al. 1937) Duncan et al. 2002
Fastidiosipila Falsen et al. 2005
Fastidiosipila sanguinis Falsen et al. 2005
Fournierella Togo et al. 2017
Fournierella massiliensis Togo et al. 2017
Gorbachella Durand et al. 2017
Gorbachella massiliensis Durand et al. 2017
Harryflintia Petzoldt et al. 2016
Harryflintia acetispora Petzoldt et al. 2016
Hydrogeniiclostidium Chaplin et al. 2999
Hydrogenoanaerobacterium Song and Dong 2009
Intestinibacillus Ricaboni et al. 2017
Intestinibacillus massiliensis Ricaboni et al. 2017
Lawsonibacter Sakamoto et al. 2018
Lawsonibacter asaccharolyticus Sakamoto et al. 2018
Mageeibacillus Austin et al. 2016
Mageeibacillus indolicus Austin et al. 2016
Marasmitruncus Pham et al. 2017
Marasmitruncus massiliensis Pham et al. 2017
Marseillibacter Ndongo et al. 2017
Marseillibacter massiliensis Ndongo et al. 2017
Massiliimalia Afouda et al. 2019
Massiliimalia massiliensis Afouda et al. 2019
Massiliimalia timonensis Afouda et al. 2019
Massilioclostridium Lo et al. 2017
Clostridium methylpentosum Himelbloom and Canale-Parola 1989
Massilioclostridium coli Lo et al. 2017
Monoglobus Kim et al. 2017
Monoglobus pectinilyticus Kim et al. 2017
Negativibacillus Ricaboni et al. 2017
Negativibacillus massiliensis Ricaboni et al. 2017
Neglecta Bessis et al. 2016
Neglecta timonensis Bessis et al. 2016
Neobitarella Bilen et al. 2018
Neobitarella massiliensis Bilen et al. 2018
Butyricicoccus porcorum Trachsel et al. 2018
Oscillibacter Iino et al. 2007
Oscillibacter ruminantium Lee et al. 2013
Oscillibacter valericigenes Iino et al. 2007
Oscillospira Chatton and Perard 1913
Oscillospira guilliermondii Chatton and Perard 1913
Paludicola Li et al. 2017
Papillibacter Defnoun et al. 2000
Papillibacter cinnamivorans Defnoun et al. 2000
Petroclostridium Zhang et al. 2018
Petroclostridium xylanilyticum Zhang et al. 2018
Phocea Ndongo et al. 2016
Phocea massiliensis Ndongo et al. 2016
Pseudobacteroides Horino et al. 2014
Pseudobacteroides cellulosolvens (Murray et al. 1984) Horino et al. 2014
Pseudoclostridium Zhang et al. 2018
Pseudoclostridium thermosuccinogenes (Drent et al. 1995) Zhang et al. 2018
Pseudoflavonifractor Carlier et al. 2010
Clostridium viride Buckel et al. 1995
Flavonifractor plautii (Séguin 1928) Carlier et al. 2010
Flintibacter butyricus Lagkouvardos et al. 2016
Intestinimonas butyriciproducens Kläring et al. 2013
Intestinimonas gabonensis Mourembou et al. 2017
Intestinimonas massiliensis Durand et al. 2017
Intestinimonas timonensis Durand et al. 2017
Pseudoflavonifractor capillosus (Tissier 1908) Carlier et al. 2010
Pseudoflavonifractor phocaeensis Ricaboni et al. 2017
Pseudoruminococcus Afouda et al. 2020
Pseudoruminococcus massiliensis Afouda et al. 2020
Pygmaiobacter Bilen et al. 2017
Pygmaiobacter massiliensis Bilen et al. 2017
Ruminiclostridium Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium cellobioparum (Hungate 1944) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium cellulolyticum (Petitdemange et al. 1984) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium hungatei (Monserrate et al. 2001) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium josui (Sukhumavasi et al. 1988) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium papyrosolvens (Madden et al. 1982) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminiclostridium sufflavum (Nishiyama et al. 2009) Zhang et al. 2018
Ruminococcus Sijpesteijn 1948
Ruminococcus albus Hungate 1957
Ruminococcus bicirculans Wegmann et al. 2014
Ruminococcus callidus Holdeman and Moore 1974
Ruminococcus champanellensis Chassard et al. 2012
Ruminococcus flavefaciens Sijpesteijn 1948
Ruminococcus bromii Moore et al. 1972
Ruthenibacterium Shkoporov et al. 2016
Ruthenibacterium lactatiformans Shkoporov et al. 2016
Saccharofermentans Chen et al. 2010
Sporobacter Grech-Mora et al. 1996
Sporobacter termitidis Grech-Mora et al. 1996
Subdoligranulum Holmström et al. 2004
Gemmiger formicilis Gossling and Moore 1975
Subdoligranulum variabile Holmström et al. 2004
Tepidibaculum Slobodkina et al. 2019
Tepidibaculum saccharolyticum Slobodkina et al. 2019
Thermoclostridium Zhang et al. 2018
Thermoclostridium caenicola (Shiratori et al. 2009) Zhang et al. 2018
Thermoclostridium stercorarium (Madden 1983) Zhang et al. 2018
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