This complete taxonomic hierarchy of Bacteria and Archaea was manually constructed by the EzBioCloud team using numerous maximum likelihood phylogenetic trees based on 16S sequences.
Sphingobacterium Yabuuchi et al. 1983
Flavobacterium mizutaii (Yabuuchi et al. 1983) Holmes et al. 1988
Sphingobacterium alimentarium Schmidt et al. 2012
Sphingobacterium anhuiense Wei et al. 2008
Sphingobacterium arenae Jiang et al. 2014
Sphingobacterium athyrii Cheng et al. 2019
Sphingobacterium bambusae Duan et al. 2010
Sphingobacterium caeni Sun et al. 2013
Sphingobacterium canadense Mehnaz et al. 2008
Sphingobacterium chuzhouense Wang et al. 2016
Sphingobacterium cibi Lai et al. 2016
Sphingobacterium cladoniae Lee et al. 2013
Sphingobacterium composti Ten et al. 2007
Sphingobacterium composti2 Yoo et al. 2007
Sphingobacterium corticis Li et al. 2017
Sphingobacterium detergens Marqués et al. 2012
Sphingobacterium faecium Takeuchi and Yokota 1993
Sphingobacterium gobiense Zhao et al. 2014
Sphingobacterium haloxyli Liu et al. 2018
Sphingobacterium hotanense Xiao et al. 2013
Sphingobacterium humi Lee et al. 2017
Sphingobacterium jejuense Siddiqi et al. 2016
Sphingobacterium kitahiroshimense Matsuyama et al. 2008
Sphingobacterium kyonggiense Choi and Lee 2012
Sphingobacterium lactis Schmidt et al. 2012
Sphingobacterium multivorum (Holmes et al. 1981) Yabuuchi et al. 1983
Sphingobacterium nematocida Liu et al. 2012
Sphingobacterium pakistanense Ahmed et al. 2015
Sphingobacterium paludis Feng et al. 2014
Sphingobacterium paucimobilis White and Suttle 2013
Sphingobacterium populi Li et al. 2016
Sphingobacterium shayense He et al. 2010
Sphingobacterium siyangense Liu et al. 2008
Sphingobacterium solani Niu et al. 2018
Sphingobacterium soli Fu et al. 2017
Sphingobacterium spiritivorum (Holmes et al. 1982) Yabuuchi et al. 1983
Sphingobacterium suaedae Sun et al. 2015
Sphingobacterium tabacisoli Zhou et al. 2017
Sphingobacterium terrae Chaudhary and Kim 2018
Sphingobacterium thalpophilum (Holmes et al. 1983) Takeuchi and Yokota 1993
Sphingobacterium wenxiniae Zhang et al. 2012
Sphingobacterium yamdrokense Xiao et al. 2015
Sphingobacterium zeae Kämpfer et al. 2016
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